Apparel Consignment


Clothing Consignments

We are seasonal when we  accepting consignments on clothing and accessories.  Spring/Summer consignments Start in January/February.  Fall/Winter Consignments start in July/August

If you are a NEW consignor, please contact us prior to bringing items in so we can let you know the dates for our new consignor drop offs.  

Please see below on what items we are currently taking and items/sizes we are in need of.  

Currently taking Spring/Summer items -Schedule a drop off time on our home page.  Please remember to read all the GUIDELINES prior to bringing in your items.  

What items can I bring in & How do I bring in my items

When we start accepting consignments, you can bring in current season clothing, shoes, purses and accessories.  You are allowed 1 Large bag of items, you decide how large the bag.  All items must be freshly washed, folded and organized.  In your bag we ask that all your items are organized, meaning put all your pants together, shorts together, shirts, tanks etc.  They do not need to be organized by size but by clothing type.  Shoes have to be in a separate bag INSIDE your large bag so they don't get your clean clothes dirty.

We accept ALL sizes.  Baby, toddler, youth, tween, juniors, woman's and men's.  Woman's & men's sizes go up to 3-5X.  Please refer to the information above for our guidelines on how to bring in your consignments.    We are currently halfway through the season- please CALL to let us know what sizes you have PRIOR to scheduling a drop off date to make sure we are not full on that size.  

SIZES currently in need

Baby Girl & Boy

**Girl & Boy BABY -5t- EXTRA 5% on consignment if brought in MARCH

Girl & Boys 6-14/16

We are accepting Woman's & Men's but specific sizes.  Please call prior to scheduling a 

drop off 716-542-4262

Do you take just BRAND name items?

Your items do not need to be brand name but we ask that you do not bring items that are more than 5 years old.  We accept ALL different brands and price accordingly.  If you have lower end items they will sell for less than name brand items.  We have the right to refuse consignments if your items are out of style or not something we are able to market. 

Do I need to stay when I drop off my bag of items?

When you drop off your bag, we will have you fill out a contract for consignment.  It will go over the terms and conditions regarding consignment.  You will be assigned a consignor number.  You can use that number to check your account throughout the season.  If for some reason you don't remember it we can always look up your information by your name.  You will receive an email of all your items once they are inputted into the system.  When your items sell they will automatically add up into your consignor account.  

What happens if my clothing doesn't sell?

Our season lasts for approximately 6 months.  Each week/month we offer discounts throughout our website, Facebook and Instagram.  As the season comes to an end we have a huge clearance sale to sell the remaining items.  By the end of this clearance, the next seasons items are starting to hit the racks and we pull ALL of the remaining items and donate to a few local churches in the community to help families in need.  

When can I collect my earnings?

When your items sell they are automatically tallied up in your account.  You can collect your money anytime after it clears our system.  (can take up to 30 days to clear due to returns and bookkeeping) As a consignor you receive an extra 10%* off your purchase by using your funds from your account.  All monies need to be picked up at the end of every season.  If you forget to collect your monies it will become store credit to use within 6 months.