Consignment Guidelines


Consigning Furniture & Home Decor

Furniture consignments require 24-48 hours notice prior to drop off.  We need photos of your items either emailed  or texted so we can approve the items prior to drop off.  Please contact our store for the number to text photos over.  

Home décor items are always accepted.  Items need to be clean, dust free and be up to date styles. We do NOT take any decor older than 3-4 years.  If you are unsure of items please include photos in your email or text.  Call 716-542-4262 for the number to text photos over. 

ALWAYS accepting Furniture & decor items.  Currently taking Easter, Spring and everyday items.  Schedule a drop off NOW! Go back to our home page to pick a date! 

How long do you keep my items?

Our Consignment agreement is 90 Days.  After that you will either need to come pick up your items or they will be donated and/or become the property of Second's Best Consignment.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.  If your items are NOT showroom ready and need to be updated, painted, dusted, glued or repaired- fees will range from 10$ and up depending on the repair/cleaning

What percentage do I make on consignment?

On furniture sold over $100- the consignor gets 50% 

Any items sold under $100- the consignor gets 40% 

If you need your items picked up we do that as well. There are fees involved but nothing is needed up front.  Once your items sell we take the pick up fees off your payout.  Once your items are sold your payment is paid out the 15th or last day of the next month.  

What if my items don't sell?

Décor  is marked down monthly & will get marked 65%-75% off  by the 3 month time period.  At that time if they don't sell at 1$ they will be donated or become the property of Second's Best .

Furniture will be marked down every month until the 3 month period.  If the consignor chooses, they can pick up the items or the items will become the property of Second's Best or Donated.   

Do you buy furniture & decor?

We purchase décor and furniture for cash up front.  Please contact the store for more information. 

We also give store credit for your items.  If you want to purchase items in our store, we can buy your items and give you store credit to use in our store.  The credit is good for 6 months or it will expire.